Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Successful first couple of days!!!

Hey world,

Thanks for visiting. I am personally positively surprised that my last post got so much attention. So far (less than 48 hours after) the stats are impressive:

- More than 2500 visits to the site
- More than 1800 unique visitors
- People visited from all the continents
- People visited from more than 50 countries

Here is a map of the last 500 visits as of noon of June 8 (I cannot graph more than 500 with my service).

Anyway it is all in part because I submitted it to some of the most active websites for electronic hacking. I am proud that I made it to

- Hackaday -check it out  here
- Make Magazine's blog - check it out  here
- Dangerous prototypes - check it out  here

If somebody actually reproduces my experiment please let me know!!!

Thank you all for reading my post!!!

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