Monday, June 6, 2011

Initial Post

Hello world!,

Well maybe I should say

"println("Hello world")"  as this is should mainly be a blog about hacking electronics with Arduino.

I guess it is one of the thousand blogs about electronics and Arduino out there but I somehow wanted a spot to display to the world some of the interesting projects I am doing.

Mainly this blog is going to contain hardware and electronic circuits I sort of put together (hack) so that I can do interesting stuff.

A little bit more about myself can be found on my website back at Grad School at UC Irvine. It is all outdated but there are some interesting (basic and outdated) and useful tutorials on Arduino, AGVs, Matlab, Google Maps and Google Earth etc.
As far as my personal info, the description on my website is pretty accurate for my pre-industry experience, but anyhow that should give you a little bit of background on where I come from.

I am currently working for MoviMED ( mainly on Image Processing and Machine Vision solutions for the industry. I am lucky enough to get to hack with electronics on my job so I can call myself fortunate.

The professional bias (as you will see in the blog) points me to develop either automation or vision projects as that is what I would say my main interest is focused on. So expect Arduino, LabVIEW, image processing, electronics hacking and cameras to be the usual vocab on this blog.

Thanks for reading, I assure there will be not many frequent updates because I do not usually get free time to do my things, but I will definitely post the projects I think they are worth pursuing.

Give some feedback (that is always positive) so that I can improve/modify my posting.

Thanks in advance for reading.


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  1. Great blog just stumbled across it ...have just started with Arduino For a road condition and Road Inventory PROJECT I have an australian made Hawkeye DIS system from ARRB that am testing out in Tanzania doing road inventory.Its very interesting and can relate to the products you develop .Continue what you are doin buddy!:-)
    Wireless Guru