Saturday, January 7, 2012

First IndieGoGo Campaign

Hi all,

this post is again something that has very little to do with electronics, but a lot to do with my 'other' hobbie which recently turned into a business: MosaicYourself

Particularly in this post I want to gather as much attention as possible because we just launched our first ever crowd funding campaign through IndieGoGo.

Why do we need funding? Well we believe that there is a lot of people that can use and benefit from the design services of MosaicYourself but it is hard for us to reach them. Not only individuals but specially groups who can be part of an awesome artwork that connects people.

We obviously want to meet our objective ($5500) but in the process we will offer great perks such as

- Having your face in a mosaic
-Getting printouts, posters and big posters of the funding mosaic (where you will be a tile)
- T-Shirts
- Having your face show up in our banner

And other interesting perks.

Check us out in the link below!!!

Thanks for contributing!!

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